Summoners War - Battle Map

In Summoners War there's many Battle Map to go use our Summon Monsters to Fight for Experiences, Mana Stones, Crytals, Runes, Scrolls, Monsters and Essences! Those Battle Map are divided into difference categories:


Battle Map - Scenarios are the main Battle Map when we start the game! It offer multiple Land to Fight with your Summon Monsters! There's 13 different Scenario Land with 3 different Level of difficulty. Inside each Scenario Land there's 7 different Stage. Each Scenario offer a specific Rune Set and Monsters as Reward!

At beginning all the Land are locked except the 1st one. By Clearing a Stage the next one will be Unlock. Clearing the Stage 7 will Unlock the next Land and the next Level of the current defeated Land!

Available Rewards

- Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Rune (1*, 2*, 3*, 4* or 5*)
- Scroll (Unknown or Mystical)
- Monster (1*, 2* or 3*)

Obtaining Runes

Each Scenario Land have inside 7 different Stage! By Fighting and Completing any of those Stage, we will have a Chance to get a Rune. The Stage determine the Rune Slot that we can get, but there's the exception of the Stage 7 (Boss Stage) it will give Randomly any Rune Slots. Fighting Stage 1 will give Rune Slot 1, fighting Stage 4 will give Rune Slot 4!


Battle Map - Arena are the place to do PvP (Player Vs Player)! It offer to Fight versus other Players or Rivals. It give as a Reward Glory Point! Arena Fighting is done with 4 Monsters of your Choose! When Fighting each Enemies Turns are controlled by the Game! It's not a real time Player Vs Player, it's more a Player Vs Player Choose Controlled by Computer! The Intelligence Artificial is getting better by each Game Update!

In order to Fight in the Arena, it require to use 1x Wing. We can have a maximum of 10 Wings. To get another Wing it take 30 Minutes!

Each Player can Choose a Set of 4 Monsters to Defense his Land! To choose those 4 Monsters, Click on the Building: Summoner's Tower > and Click on the Icon: Defense. We can choose our Leader and 3 other Monsters! We can see as well the Arcane Tower stats.

In addition the Defender have to is help his Arcane Tower! Their attack are slow by increase as the number of round pass! Each Players can have a total of 10 Arcane Tower and they can be enhance with the Glory Building: Arcane Booster Tower (Attack Speed) & Crystal Rock (Attack Power). Each Arcane Tower do 300 Damage and Ignore Defense.

Leader Skill of type Arena is available as well as the type Normal or Elemental!

Note: Cannot use our Friends into Battle Map - Arena!

Fighting Players

When Fighting Players, we have to Choose 4 Monsters to Fight Versus another Players! We can either choose someone from the Match-up list or from the History list. The Match-up list offer to choose between 10 random players. By Defeating Players, we can get a Buff until 10 Consecutive Wins. (after 10 Wins: HP +20% & ATK +20%). The Buff is removed if we: Lose or Tie a Fight, Refresh List or after 1 hour Buff expire. Defeating ALL the Match-up List give 2 Wings, Refresh List and we keep our Buff! Require 1x Wing to Fight.

Players Rewards

- Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Glory Point
- Victory Point

Reward Glory Point are determined by our Grade. It exist 14 different Arena Grade and 6 different Arena Grade Category. Each Category give it's own Glory Point. (2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5) Losing a Fight give 1 Glory Point!

Reward Victory Point are determined by... It exist 14 different Arena Grade and Each Week at Sunday 10H00 PM to 11H00 PM the Server will determine every Player Reward and Reset after all compiled Arena Data! Reward are mostly Crystal and high end Grade can give Light / Dark Monsters 2*, 3* or 4*!

Fighting Rivals

There's 9 different Rivals to Fight with! They become available at a certain Level, each time we defeat a Rival, it will come back after a certain number of hours. Each Rival give a Reward. Require 1x Wing to Fight.

Rivals Rewards

- Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Glory Point

Cairos Dungeon

Battle Map - Cairos Dungeon are also called Dungeon! It's a place to fight versus different Bosses! It exist 14 different Dungeons but they are not available at the same time! To Access Cairos Dungeon, it require to complete the Mission of Kabir Ruins.

Dungeons Available

- Giant's Keep (Every Day)
- Dragon's Lair (Every Day)
- Necropolis (Every Day)
- Secret Dungeon (Only available if either finding by our self or your Friends)
- Hall of Magic (Every Day)
- Hall of Light (Sunday)
- Hall of Dark (Monday)
- Hall of Fire (Tuesday)
- Hall of Water (Wednesday)
- Hall of Wind (Thursday)
- Hall of Heroes (Only available with Event)
- Angel Garden (Only available with Event)
- Rainbow Garden (Only available with Event)
- Devilmon Cave (Only available with Event)


Each Dungeons have its own kind of Rewards. Every Dungeons give: - Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Energy
- Unknown Scroll
- Mystical Scroll
- Rainbowmon 2*
- Rainbowmon 3*
- Summoning Stone
- Shapeshifting Stone

Giant's Keep

- Rune (Despair, Energy, Fatal, Blade or Swift)

Dragon's Lair

- Rune (Violent, Focus, Guard, Endure, Shield or Revenge)


- Rune (Rage, Will, Nemesis, Vampire, or Destroy)

Hall of Magic

- Essence of Magic (Low, Mid, High)
- Essence of Light (Low, Mid, High)
- Essence of Dark (Low, Mid, High)
- Essence of Fire (Low, Mid, High)
- Essence of Water (Low, Mid, High)
- Essence of Wind (Low, Mid, High)

Hall of Light

- Essence of Light (Low, Mid, High)
- Anglemon Light
- Secret Light Dungeon

Hall of Dark

- Essence of Dark (Low, Mid, High)
- Anglemon Dark
- Secret Dark Dungeon

Hall of Fire

- Essence of Fire (Low, Mid, High)
- Anglemon Fire
- Secret Fire Dungeon

Hall of Water

- Essence of Water (Low, Mid, High)
- Anglemon Water
- Secret Water Dungeon

Hall of Wind

- Essence of Wind (Low, Mid, High)
- Anglemon Wind
- Secret Wind Dungeon

Secret Dungeon

- Summoning Pieces (Selected Monster)

Hall of Heroes

- Summoning Pieces (Selected Superior Monster)

Rainbow Garden

- Rainbowmon

Angel Garden

- Anglemon for each attribute

Devilmon Cave

- Devilmon

Trial of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a Special Giant Tower with 100 Stages! It exist 2 difficulty: Normal and Hard. More the progress into Stages the harder they are! Each 10 Stages there a Boss to fight! This Trail of Ascension Reset each 30 Days! Make it possible to redo all over again each Stage and win each Reward! Require Level 10!


Each Stage give:
- Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Energy

Each Stage 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 give:
- 1x Summoning Stone

And each Stage 5 and 10 give different reward!

Every Stage 5 = Crystal
Stage 10 = 50x Energy
Stage 20 = 1x Rainbowmon 3*
Stage 30 = 1x Mystical Scroll
Stage 40 = 100x Crystal
Stage 50 = 2x Mystical Scroll
Stage 60 = 1x Rainbowmon 4*
Stage 70 = 1x Devilmon
Stage 80 = 300x Crystal
Stage 90 = 1x Light & Darkness Scroll
Stage 100 = 1x Legendary Scroll

Isle of Conquest

The Isle of Conquest are the place to do Guild Battles - PvP (Player Vs Player)! In order to enter this Land, we have to be a Member of any Guild! In Guild Battle we can win as a Reward: Guild Point! It exist a Guild Shop to spend our Guild Point! Earning Guild Point is by defeating another Players, successfully defense yourself, by winning a Offensive War or by winning a Defensive war!

Dimensional Rifts

The Dimensional Rifts are available Daily, they appear in the form of a Portal randomly around on 1 of any Scenario Land. In order to enter those Portal, we have to complete the Scenario Land first! In order to Fight inside Dimensional Rifts, it require to use 1x Dimensional Crystal! They can be obtained everyday by completing the Daily Mission - Start of the Day (3x Dimensional Crystals). Each Dimensional Rifts have 5 Waves of Monsters to defeat!

It exists 2 difficulty:
- Normal (20 Energy
- Hard (30 Energy)


- Experiences
- Mana Stones

World Boss

The World Boss is a Special Giant Boss that encourage each Players to work together in order to Defeat it! Each Players have everyday 3 Entrances, in each Entrance we have to choose between 20 Monsters but they need to be at least Level 30 to participate into World Boss Fight! So it require at least 60 Monsters at or over Level 30! Each Fight will give a Total Damage done to the World Boss that is accumulate until the World Boss is defeated and as well as a Reward depending on the Total Damage done for each Entrance! The Reward is a Treasure Box, it exist 12 different Treasure Box! The Total amount of Damage give us a Rank. When the World Boss is Defeated by all the Players, the Server will Reward Every Players with a amount of Crystal, the amount of Crystal Given is based on our Rank. It exist 14 different Reward Rank.


Possible Rewards Available, depending on your Treasury Box Level (Total Damage):
- Mana Stones (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- Essence (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- Crystal (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- Rune (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- King Angelmon (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 5x Light & Dark Summoning Piece (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 5x Legendary Summoning Piece (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 2x Summoning Stone (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 1x Mystical Scroll (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 1x Fire Scroll (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 1x Water Scroll (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 1x Wind Scroll (F, D, C, B, A, S)
- 1x Light & Darkness Scroll (C, B, A, S)
- 1x Legendary Scroll (C, B, A, S)
- 1x Devilmon (C, B, A, S)

Rift of Worlds

The Rift of Worlds is a Special Land that each Players can participate in a Raid Battles versus a Giant Boss! It's in Real Time! In order to Fight in the Rift of Worlds, it need a Party of 3 Players! We can either Join a Party or Make a Party, they can be Public or Private! The Fight is all Automated by the Game, but the 3 Players are present in Real Time! Each Players will have to Choose between 6 Monsters. Each Players will have to determine 1 Leader, the Leader Skill will be shared with all the Party. Its important to choose a 3 different Leader Skill they don't Stack on each other! Each Player will Fight a portion of the Boss with each of them having its own Attack Bar! The Boss have 1 single HP Bar share with all the 3 others Players. If a Player is Defeated, the portion that was attacking this Player will change to the next Player (that Player will have to face with 2 portion of the Boss instead of 1). Fighting the Boss give Points base on Damage or Assist Contribution! The Total Contribution can determine the Reward each Player can get!


- Mana Stones
- Enchanted Gem
- Grindstone
- Rainbowmon
- Mystical Scroll
- Summoning Stone
- Shapeshifting Stone