Summoners War - Rune - Power-Up

There's 15 different Rune Power-Up Level for each Rune! Each Rune, when created, will be at Level 0. To Power-Up a Rune, we need to use our Mana Stones! Each Power-Up Level cost increase and the cost is based on the Rune Grade (Stars)! The Chance to Power-Up a Rune also decrease with higher Level and Grade!

In order to Power-Up a Rune, go into the Summoner Land (Main Screen) - Click on Monster button - Select a Monster - Click on Rune button - Click on any Rune Set button - Select a Rune - Click on the Power-Up button. (Rune Power-Up Page)

If there's already a Rune inside any Rune Slot, its possible to Click on any Rune in a Rune Slot - Click on the Power-Up button. (Rune Power-Up Page)

When inside the Rune Power-Up Page, we can see our Rune Grade, Image, Rarity (Color), Level, Prefix, Set, Slot (#), under we have the 2 button, Power-up and 10x Power-ups, under the Cost in Mana Stone for a chance to Power-up to next Level. On the right we can see the Rune Stat, Sub-Stat(s) and under our current Mana Stones available!

Note: Sometime, when Com2uS make Event, they have a Event that is able to drop as a Reward a Power-up Stone! Those Power-up Stone help to have better Chance to success the Power-up!

Power-Up Cost

Cost to Power-Up1*2*3*4*5*6*
* Note: Before Patch 4.1.6