Summoners War - Monster - Rune

Every Monsters can have attached to them Rune and they provide additional bonus Stats and Special Effect! There's 6 different Rune Slot available to each Monsters.

Monsters can possess 6 different Runes into their Rune Slot. It exist 16 different Rune Sets! Rune Sets offer different Effect on your Monsters, like addition ATK, HP, SPD, DEF, Shield, Extra Turn, Life Leech, Stun... and more! Some Rune Sets need to have 4 times the same Rune Sets and other Rune Sets need only 2. It's possible to have 2 to 3 Effects on your Monsters!

Example: Having a Rune Sets of Violent (4 Runes) & Blade (2 Runes) or having a Rune Sets of Fight (2 Runes), Determination (2 Runes) & Enhance (2 Runes).

Rune attached to Monsters can be removed any time!