Summoners War - Monster - Kind

There's a very large amount of Monster Kind, in total it exist 1122 different Monsters divided into 121 Kind! The same Monster Kind can be summoned as one of the 5 different Elemental, however, it depend on the Summoning technique.. Mystical Scroll only offer Water, Fire and Wind Elemental. Light and Darkness Scroll only offer Light and Dark Elemental. Also, some Monsters doesn't exist in each Elemental. When Awakening a Monster Kind, the name will change into the Unique Name of the Monster Kind! EX: Water Nine-tailed Fox will become Soha.

Monster Kind

Monsters Kind Unavailable
- Slime (Light & Dark)
- Forest Keeper (Light & Dark)
- Mushroom (Light & Dark)
- Ghost (Light)
- Mimick (Light)
- Horned Frog (Light)
- Sandman (Light)
- Maned Boar (Light & Dark)
- Monster Flower (Light)
- Skull Soldier (Light & Dark)
- Mischievous Bat (Light & Dark)
- Battle Scorpion (Light & Dark)
- Low Elemental (Light)
- Magical Archer (Light was from Special Event)
- Fairy Queen (Fire, Water, Wind & Dark)
- Cow Girl (Dark was from Special Event)
- Homunculus (Attack) (Light & Dark)
- Homunculus (Support) (Fire, Water & Wind)