Summoners War - Rune - Manage

Since the update 3.5.1, Com2uS have added a Runes Manage System! We can find it by tapping in the Main Screen on Monsters > Rune > Manage.

In the Runes Manage Screen, it allow to Manage Runes of our Monster! We can see the selected Monsters with he's current Runes Equipped and all he's Stats! There's also an After Runes Section that we can tap on any Runes Slots and can select Remove Temporarily! By removing any Runes, it will lower the Stats of the Monster, however, we can Select to Engrave Temporarily other Runes we own in our Runes Storage or already Equipped on another Monsters we have! It will show the new Temporarily Stats that our Monster will possess if we Apply the Runes Change!

On the Right Side of the Rune Manage System, it offer the possibility to search for all our Runes! It offer some Search Filter to quickly find our desired Rune we are looking for. Runes Sets, Runes Slots 1 to 6, Main Stat and 2 Sub-Stats! We can also search Runes that are already Equipped on other Monsters!