Summoners War - Monster - Grade

Monsters have a certain Grade represented by a Star. It can tell which Natural Grade the Monster is when Summoning and if the Monster can be Awaken or not.

Grade are from 1 Star to 6 Stars. Monsters can Evolves to raise their current Grade into the next.

They have 3 different color:


Cannot be Awaken

Can be Awaken


Usually, Monsters have their own Natural Grade between 1 to 5 Stars, it doesn't exist any Monsters that's a Natural Grade 6 Stars. The higher the Natural Grade of the Monsters, harder they are to obtain!

Also, the Star will represent if the Monster can be Awaken or not! If the Star are colored White, it mean they cannot be Awaken but if the Star are Yellow, they can be Awaken! Purple Star mean that the Monster is in the Awaken form!

Monster Natural Grade Summon

When using the Building: Summonhenge to Summon a Monster or by receiving in a Reward Chest they will have a Natural Grade.

1 Star = Unknown Scroll, Scenario Reward
2 Stars = Unknown Scroll, Scenario Reward, Secret Dungeon
3 Stars = Unknown Scroll, Scenario Reward, Secret Dungeon, Mystical Scroll
4 Stars = Mystical Scroll, Hall of Heroes, Fusion Hexagram, Legendary Scroll
5 Stars = Mystical Scroll, Fusion Hexagram, Legendary Scroll, Craft Building
6 Stars = None