Battle Map - Trial of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a Special Giant Tower with 100 Stages! It exist 2 difficulty: Normal and Hard. More the progress into Stages the harder they are! Each 10 Stages there a Boss to fight! This Trail of Ascension Reset each 30 Days! Make it possible to redo all over again each Stage and win each Reward! Require Level 10!

Trial of Ascension Reward

Each Stage give:
- Experiences
- Mana Stones
- Crystal
- Energy

Each Stage 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 give:
- 1x Summoning Stone

And each Stage 5 and 10 give different reward!

Every Stage 5 = Crystal
Stage 10 = 50x Energy
Stage 20 = 1x Rainbowmon 4*
Stage 30 = 1x Mystical Scroll
Stage 40 = 100x Crystal
Stage 50 = 2x Mystical Scroll
Stage 60 = 1x Rainbowmon 5*
Stage 70 = 1x Devilmon
Stage 80 = 300x Crystal
Stage 90 = 1x Light & Darkness Scroll
Stage 100 = 1x Legendary Scroll

Trial of Ascension Floor 100 Bosses

When reaching the Floor 100 in Trial of Ascension, there's will be the Final Boss! It exist 3 different Bosses to fight!


Monsters I use:
- Veromos (Leader), Theomars, Verdehile, Belladeon, Chloe

My Strategy:
- Low ATK Monsters will fight the Right Tower 1st and then the Left Tower!
- Lower DEF Monsters will attack Ath'taros until the Debuff is present, they'll switch to Towers!
- High End ATK Monsters will fight Ath'taros!


Monsters I use:
- Jamire (Leader), Veromos, Belladeon, Verdehile, Chasun

My Strategy:
- Lyries have 3 different Incarnation, 2 of them will be summoned to help her (left, right) and she will possess the Ability of the third not summoned!

- Incarnation of Greed (Green) - Recovers 100% of the damage done to the enemy. When attacked, absorbs and recovers up to 25% of the Attack Bar.
- Incarnation of Vendetta (Red) - Instantly Counterattacks with Mind Break on every incoming attack.
- Incarnation of Protection (Blue) - Increases the Defense by a substantial amount, and reduces the incoming damage that the allies take by 15%.

- I normally try to kill as soon as possible the Red then Blue and then Green!
- Try to Stun/Freeze the Incarnation of Greed (Green), if it's Stun/Freeze, any other Hits will break the recovery of 25% Attack Bar!

Trial of Ascension Floor 1 to 99

Here's is some of my team composition when fighting into the Trial of Ascension!

Trial of Ascension FloorEnemiesMy Team
Normal 1 to 49-Veromos (L), Soha, Julie, Sigmarus, Lushen
Normal 50 to 88-Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 84 to 88-Veromos (L), Verdehile, Delphoi, Briand, Theomars
Normal 90 to 93-Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 901x Artamiel
2x Xing Zhe
2x Arkajan
Veromos (L), Beretta, Chasun, Aria, Briand
Normal 91-Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 92Inferno (3x Fire & 2x Water)Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Chloe
Normal 93Dragon Knight??
Normal 94Light: 2x Bella
2x Teon
1x Mihael
Briand (L), Verdehile, Belladeon, Delphoi, Ahman
Normal 94Monkey'sVeromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Chloe, Verdehile
Normal 94Monkey's:
2x Light
2x Water
1x Wind
Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 953x Water Serpent
1x Wind Griffon
1x Fire Griffon
Veromos (L), Chow, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 952x Fire Sylph
3x Water Dragon
Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Delphoi, Briand
Normal 961x Light Laima
4x Fire Krakdon
Veromos (L), Ahman, Belladeon, Chloe, Sigmarus
Normal 962x Fire Chimera
1x Dark Chimera
Veromos (L), Briand, Sigmarus, Belladeon, Chloe
Normal 972x Fire Rakshasa
3x Wind Battle Mammoth
Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Chloe, Briand
Normal 971x Fire Dragon
1x Wind Dragon
Veromos (L), Briand, Sigmarus, Belladeon, Chloe
Normal 982x Fire Archangel
1x Wind Occult Girl
Veromos (L), Theomars, Belladeon, Chloe, Briand
Normal 982x Fire Rashasa
1x Water Phatom Thief
Veromos (L), Briand, Sigmarus, Belladeon, Chloe
Normal 992x Water Brownie Magician
2x Fire Brownie Magician
1x Wind Brownie Magician
Veromos (L), Briand, Sigmarus, Belladeon, Chloe
Normal 992x Fire Vampire
2x Fire Griffon
1x Wind Dragon Knight
Veromos (L), Ahman, Belladeon, Verdehile, Chloe