Summoners War - Monster - Elemental

All Monsters will possess a certain Elemental (Attribute)! There's 5 different Elemental (Attribute):

Because there's different Elemental (Attribute), they all have their own Strengths and Weaknesses between each other!

- Water is stronger against Fire

- Fire is stronger against Wind

- Wind is stronger against Water

- Light and Dark are both is stronger against each other

During Battle, each time it's the turn to a Monster, there's will be an Indicator over each Enemies Monsters! There's 3 kind of Indicator:

Green (Advantage)
Yellow (Neutral)
Red (Disadvantage)

- A Green (Advantage) Indicator will give a bonus of landing a Crushing Hit that give 15% to their Critical Rate!

- A Red (Disadvantage) Indicator will give weakness bonus of landing a Glancing Hit that remove 15% Critical Rate! Also the Base Damage is reduced by 20%. If the attack was done as a Glancing Hit, the final total damage is reduced by 30% and no chance to inflict debuff status!

- A Yellow (Neutral) Indicator will have not gain or reduce!