Battle Map - Isle of Conquest - Guild Battle

Guild Battle is a Guild versus Guild that allow to perform 2x 3v3 Battles! It offer to place a 2x Defense Teams of up to 3 Monsters and use Attack Teams of 2x up to 3 Monsters! Defeat your opponents to remove enough HP for Victory! Earn Guild Points and Summoning Stone!

Guild Battle are done Weekly! Each Sunday 12:00 AM to Monday 12:00 AM (PST), all Guilds have the possibility to Register their Guild for the Guild Battle Week! Only the Guild Master (1) or Vice Masters (2) can Register! During the Registration, 10 to 25 Guild Members can be assigned to Offense and Defense! However, only Members that have assigned a Defensive Team can be placed as Defense! Unfortunately, a Guild can consist of 30 Guild Members.. if the Guild is full, there's will be 5 Members who will be on the bench. If there's over 50% of the Guild Members who leave the Guild during the Registration, the Registration will be Cancelled!

When the Registration is done, Guild Battle Week Start from Monday 12:00 AM (PST) and it progress until the next Saturday 10:00 PM (PST). All Guilds will receive 1 Chance to Declare a Guild Battle. It takes 12 Hours to generate another Guild Battle Chance to Declare a Guild Battle. Guild Battle Chances are accumulated to a maximum of 6! It's possible to have Declare 12 times to attack other Guilds during the Week! Only the Guild Master (1) or Vice Masters (2) can use the Guild Battle Chance to Declare War! By using a Guild Battle Chance, Com2uS will find a Guild based on your Guild Rank to Battle!

Once the Declaration process have match your Guild vs another Guild or an opponent Guild have been matched vs your Guild, the Guild Battle Begging and will last for 12 Hours or until the Guild Master (1) or Vice Masters (2) surrender!

All Guild Members placed on Offense will receive 3 Swords (Chances) to Attack an enemy guild members. In order to Battle it require: 1x Sword and 10x Energy! A Guild Battle consist of 2 Rounds, so it need 2 different Team of up to 3 Monsters per Team for each Battle, however we cannot have 2 time the same Monster in both Team! Like having 2x Chow or 2x Chasun... Any Monsters who die during the Guild Battle will not be able to be used again, only until the end of the Guild Battle! Also, if we decide to forfeit a Battle before any Monsters die, the Monsters will not be counted as dead and can be reused for next Battle!

All Guild Members placed on Defense will have setup 2 different Team of up to 3 Monsters per Team, the same apply to Defense Team, we cannot have 2 time the same Monster in both Team! The enemy guild members will have to attack those 2 Team in order to Win!

Every defending Guilds will possess an amount of HP during the Guild Battle. The HP is determined by the difference in Guild Members between the Attacking and Defending Guild. If the number of Attackers and Defenders is the same, the HP Percentage to Win is exactly 30%. If the Defending Members is Higher then the Attackers, the HP Percentage will be higher than 30% and if the Defending Members is Lower then the Attackers, the HP Percentage will be lower than 30%! Also, if there's 6 or more Guild Members between the 2 Guilds, the Defending Guild will have less Defending Members on their side to lower the gap down to 5 Guild Members!

Every defending Guild Members will also possess an amount of HP during the Guild Battle. When a Guild Member win a round in Guild Battle, 30% of their current HP will be removed, it reduce by 5% each time the enemies have been defeated to a minimum of 10% per battle! If a battle is ended as a Draw, the defending enemy will only lose 5% of their current HP. If there's no more HP left on an particular Enemy, they cannot be attacked until the Guild Battle have been a Victory! When the Victory is reach until the end of the Guild Battle, any Enemies can be attacked!

To Win a Guild Battle, the Offensive Guild have to lower the Defensive Guild HP by Attacking any Enemies during the Guild Battle until it reach the HP Percentage needed! All Offensive Guilds have 12 Hours to archive the Victory! If the Victory is done before the 12 Hours countdown, the Guild Master (1) or Vice Masters (2) can Start a new Declaration by using a Guild Battle Chance or they can wait until all Offensive Guild Members have use their 3 Swords (Chances)!

On the other hand, if the Offensive Guild have not reach the minimum HP Percentage needed before the 12 Hours, the Offensive Guild will be Defeated by the Defending Guild! Also, the Guild Master (1) or Vice Masters (2) of the Offensive Guild can choose after 20 minutes to surrender the Guild Battle, resulting to a Defeat!

A weekly tallying is held during 10pm - 12am on Saturdays and rewards are given (server time).

There's 2 Reward in Guild Battle that can be obtain by each Guild Members, the Guild Points and Summoning Stones !

Guild Point
There's 4 way to obtain Guild Point:
- Attacking
Guild Members on Offense who Win their Guild Battle can receive between 3 to 6 Guild Points for each Guild Battle Round. It depend on the Rank of your Guild! Additionally, there's a Bonus of 1 to 3 Guild Points depending on the Enemies Rank Position in their Guild!

- Defending
Guild Members on Defense who Win their Guild Battle can receive 1 Guild Point for each Round. Also, 1 Guild Point is Rewarded for both the Attacker and Defender that end a Guild Battle as a Draw for each Round!

- Offense Victory
Guild Offense Battle that finish as a Victory will also Reward all Guild Members by the number of Guild Points earned during the Guild Battle with a Bonus of 10 Guild Points. Members that didn't participate will also be Rewarded by the Bonus of 10 Guild Points! Also 10,000 Mana Stones is Rewarded to every Guild Members!

- Defense Victory
Guild Defense Battle that finish as a Victory will also Reward all Guild Member by 10 Guild Points.

Summoning Stone
At the End of each Guild Battle Week, Saturday 11 PM (PST), Com2uS will sum all Guild Battles made during the Week to give a Guild Rank! The Guild Rank and Number of Attacker Registered will determine the amount of Summoning Stones each Guild will receive! After, the Total amount of Summoning Stones will be separated into each Guild Members for their Contribution they have done during the Week! The Contribution is based on the amount of Guild Points obtained during Guild Battle withing the Week!

GradeGuild Points per Win
Guardian I, II, III+6
Conqueror I, II, III+5
Fighter I, II, III+4

Each Guilds will start the Week with a Guild Rank Point of 1000. During the Week, the Rank Point can increase or decrease depending on Offense/Defense Victory or Offense/Defense Defeat! Guilds are fighting other Guilds from their Rank during the Week, they are all divided into different Rank! Guild Rank Point are reset every 2 Weeks!

Guardian III#2 to 50
Guardian II#51 to 100
Guardian ITop ~10%
Conqueror IIITop ~15%
Conqueror IITop ~20%
Conqueror ITop ~30%
Fighter IIITop ~40%
Fighter IITop ~50%
Fighter ITop ~70%
ChallengerTop ~100%