Battle Map - Rift of Worlds - Fire Beast

Battle Map - Rift of Worlds - Fire Beast is one of those Dungeon available each Day! To unlock the Battle Map - Rift of World, it require to perform at least 1 battle in World Boss! To unlock World Boss it require to perform at least 1 battle in the Dimensional Rift. To unlock Dimensional Rift it require to complete All Scenario Map in Normal difficulty!

The home of the Fire Beast! It offer to fight Fire Beast! There's many different Reward to get by fighting in the Fire Beast but the main Reward is the Flaming Fire Crystal and also Rune Set: Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, Tolerance! It also have the Grindstone/Enchanted Gem!

When entering into the Fire Beast, we have to choose 6 Monsters in a 4x2 grid (4 front line & 4 back line) and a Leader Skill.

Monsters in the Front Line:
Take more damage then those in Back Line. (when more monsters on the Front Line, the less damage Back Line receives)
Share the amount of damage they take. (when more monsters on the Front Line, the less damage they will receives)
Fire Beast attack Thorn of Despair will hits monsters in Front Line and if there are no Monsters left, it will attack the Back Line.

The Fight is as other regular battle, it can be play by the Summoners or tap on the Auto-Play button. However, the battle is different. The Beast have an attack bar with a skill pattern. During each turn, the Beast attack bar will advance and eventually it will reach a skill as displayed and gonna use the skill that it reach! If the attack bar reach the end, the Beast will use hes ultimate attack and the attack bar will re-start! The Beast also have a HP Bar. However, the Beast is Immune to all harmful effect, including Attack Bar manipulation. When the HP Bar reach 0, the Beast will enter into a "Groggy State". During the Groggy State, the Attack Bar will restart at 0 and the Beast become vulnerable to harmful effects except Stun, Freeze, Sleep, Continuous Damage and Attack Bar Reduction. It also take more damage during Groggy State. When the Beast Attack Bar is back to full, it will fully restore it's HP Bar and will receive an increase into he's Attack and HP. In order to defeat the Beast, it have to reach 3 times the Groggy State!

During the Battle, all the 6 Monsters will do Damage to the Beast and will be displayed, at the end of the battle, the amount of Damage done will determine the Rank, but to reach certain Rank it require some condition to be done!

The 3rd Groggy State give 500,000 Damage bonus!


The Reward is determined by the Rank of the fight!

Rune/Grindstone/Enchanted Gem (Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, Tolerance)Flaming Fire CrystalCondensed Magic CrystalPure Magic CrystalRune PieceRainbowmon 3*Mystical ScrollSummoning StoneShapeshifting Stone
SSS5 - 6 Stars
13 - 15x5 - 6x6 - 7x13 - 15x1x1x1 - 3x1 - 2x?
SS10 - 12x4 - 5x4 - 5x10 - 12x
S7 - 9x3 - 4x2 - 3x7 - 9x
A+4 - 5 Stars
6 - 8x2 - 4x1 - 3x6 - 8x
A5 - 7x2 - 3x1 - 2x5 - 7x
A-4 - 6x1 - 3x1x4 - 6x1 - 2x
B+3 - 5x1 - 2x-3 - 5x
B2 - 4x2 - 4x
B-1 - 3x1 - 3x1x
C4 Stars
1 - 2x1 - 2x1 - 2x

Each time we fight the Fire Beast we gonna receive Flaming Fire Crystal, Condensed Magic Crystal, also if at least Rank A- a chance to get Pure Magic Crystal and inside the Reward Chest we can find 1 of the following item: Rune/Grindstone/Enchanted Gem (Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, Tolerance), Rune Piece, Rainbowmon 3*, Mystical Scroll, Summoning Stone or Shapeshifting Stone!

Rank S to SSS always reward Pure Magic Crystals.

Note: The chance to find a Rune Grade 6* are only in Rank S to SSS!


SSS3.5 MillionBoss must Die
SS3 Million
S2.5 Million
A+2 MillionBoss have to reach 2nd Groggy Stage
A1.6 Million
A-1.3 Million-
B+1 Million

Boss Abilities

Fire Sweep
Becomes frenzy whenever an enemy attacks. Attacks all enemies 2 times to stun them. Greatly increases the damage and the chances to stun the enemies proportionate to the number of times the Beast becomes frenzy. The frenzy effect will reset after the attack.
Fire Minion Summoning
Attacks all enemies 3 times with an enraged roar and summons 8 Fire Minions. The HP of the Fire Minions will increase every time the Fire Minion Summoning is used.
Fire Minion:
The Fire Minions can only be removed by the wide-area attacks, and the remaining Fire Minions will perform Self Destruction Attacks to inflict damage proportionate to their MAX HP on all enemies when the Beast uses a different skill. You can inflict damage to the Beast if you remove the Fire Minions before they perform the Self Destruction Attacks.
Thorn of Despair
Attacks the enemies in the frontline 2 times with a sharp thorn. The damage increases substantially as the target's Defense decreases. This attack will target the backline if there are no enemies left in the frontline.
Burning Rageful Breath
Removes all beneficial effects on all enemies and attacks them 6 times with fire breath to inflict damage that ignores all damage reduction effects. Makes the remaining Fire Minions explode to inflict great damage.
Twisted Body (Passive)
Weakens the effect that inflicts damage proportionate to the HP with a twisted power and gains immunity against all harmful effects. The immunity against all harmful effects will be removed during the Groggy State. Additionally, increases the damage received from Water Monsters by 50% and increases the damage dealt to Wind Monsters by 50%.