Building - Fuse Center

The Building Fuse Center is one of the Main building! Its our Fuse Center Building! Where it can Fuse Essence.

It allow to Fuse lesser Essences into greater Essence of the same kind:
- Low to MID
- MID to High

All the Essences can be used in Fuse Center:
Essence of Magic (High), Essence of Fire (High), Essence of Water (High), Essence of Wind (High), Essence of Light (High), Essence of Darkness (High)!

Unfortunately, it cannot do the reverse, like High to MID and MID to Low.

Fuse Center Cost


Fuse Center Level Require

Level Require 12

Fuse Center Fuse Essence

To Fuse Essences it require 10 Essences of 1 kind to become 1 Essence higher of the same kind!

Fuse EssenceRequires
1x MID10x Low & 2,000
1x High10x MID & 10,000
5x MID50x Low & 10,000
5x High50x MID & 50,000