Building - Magic Shop

The Building Magic Shop is one of the Main building! Its a Shop Building! Where it can Sell Monsters, Summon Scrolls and Runes in the available Sell Slots. Once builded, it offer 4 Sell Slots and they can unlocked to a maximum of 12 Sell Slots by using our Mana Stones or Crystals! Each Sell Slots will reset every Hour!

The Magic Shop offer every Hours 12 Random Items to purchase with Mana Stones! There's a possibility to reset the list instead to wait 1 hour with 3 Crystals!

Magic Shop Cost


Magic Shop Level Require

Level Require 6

Magic Shop Items for Sell

Here's a list of the available item to purchase in the Magic Shop:
RunesRune SetsAll Runes Set except: Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy and Tolerance
Energy Guard Swift Blade Rage Focus Endure Fatal Despair Vampire Violent Nemesis Will Shield Revenge Destroy
Rune Rarity1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (1 and 2 Stars will no longer be sell when reaching Level 30)
Rune GradeNormal, Magic, Rare, Hero or Legendary
MonstersElementFire, Water or Wind
1 StarSlime, Forest Keeper, Ghost, Horned Frog, Mimick, Mischievous Bat, Mushroom, Low Elemental, Sandman
2 StarsBattle Scorpion, Elemental, Skull Soldier, Surprise Box, Hellhound, Imp, Fairy (Wind), Yeti, Howl, Garuda, Vagabond, Warbear
1x Unknown Scroll
1x Mystical Scroll
5x Light & Dark Summoning Piece
5x Legendary Summoning Piece
2x Exclusive Summon Stone
(...monsters list in progress...)

Magic Shop Unlock Sell Slots

SlotsUnlock Costs
1 to 4Free when Building
Total91,000 & 125