Building - Mysterious Plant

The Building Mysterious Plant is one of the Glory building! Its a Energy Production Speed Bonus Building! Where it can increase the Energy Production Speed. Can be Leveled Up to Level 10! Energy Production Speed Up to +30% at Level 10.

Mysterious Plant Glory Points Cost

LevelGlory Points CostEnergy Production SpeedEnergy Regeneration Time
150+3%4:51 Minutes
280+6%4:43 Minutes
3110+9%4:35 Minutes
4140+12%4:28 Minutes
5170+15%4:21 Minutes
6200+18%4:14 Minutes
7230+21%4:08 Minutes
8260+24%4:02 Minutes
9290+27%3:56 Minutes
10320+30%3:51 Minutes
Total = 1850 Glory Points

Mysterious Plant Level Require

Level Require 0