Summoners War - Game - Buff - Rune Shield

The Buff Rune Shield is one of the Buff available for several Monsters and also by the Buff Shield! It allow to absorb a certain amount of damage when attacked. It include Continuous Damage and Bombs. Damage Absorbed depends on the number of Rune Set and is based on 15% of the max HP of the Monster who is equipped with a Rune Shield Set! Rune Shield Buff can be applied with the Shield Buff, they are 2 different Shield! Rune Shield Buff can be dispelled.

Buff Rune Shield Description

A Rune Shield will be created on all allies, absorbing damage equivalent to 15% of the HP of the Monster equipped with a set of 2 Shield Runes. (The Rune Shield will absorb more damage when more then 1 set is equipped.)