Summoners War - Game - Currency - Ancient Crystal

The Currency Ancient Crystal is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players! Ancient Crystal is the currency of Craft Building in Summoners War. Ancient Crystal are obtained by crafting with the Craft Building! The amount of Ancient Crystal obtained is 300x by using 1x Natural 5★, 20x Flaming Fire Crystal, 20x Frozen Water Crystal, 20x Whirling Wind Crystal, 20x Shiny Light Crystal and 20x Pitch-black Dark Crystal. Ancient Crystal are used to purchase items in the Ancient Magic Shop > Ancient Crystal! There's 1x Splendid Blessing of Summon, 6★ 1x Legend Rune, 1x Legend Grindstone/Gem and 1x Reappraisal Stone!

Well Ancient Crystal is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It offer to purchase many Items!

Ancient Crystal Obtain

Ancient Crystal is obtained by Crafting them in the Craft Building: Special > Ancient Crystal.

Ancient Crystal Used

Ancient Crystal are used to purchase items in the Shop > Special > Ancient Magic Shop > Ancient Crystal.