Summoners War - Game - Currency - Crystal

The Currency Crystal is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players! Crystal are the most precious Currency because it's the one that can be purchased with Real Money in the Game Shop! With Crystal, we are able to purchase almost anything in the Game! Summoning Package for a change to get new Monsters. Refill Energy to continue playing in the Game for like farming other currency, gaining experience, completing ToA or Raid with other friends/guildmates. Crystal can also be used to purchase Mana Stone in the Game Shop, Mana Stone Boxes to continue spend Mana Stone for like powering up Runes, Summons or purchasing Building! Crystal can expend the Monster Storage in the Player Inventory or in the Building Monsters Storage! Change Name, EXP Booster, Crafting Runes Materials and more!

Well Crystal is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It can buy many many thing!

Crystal Obtain

Crystal is obtained as a Reward in Scenarios, Dungeons, Arena, Missions, Temple of Wishes and World Boss. They are generated overtime by the 3 Building: Crystal Mine, Crystal Titan and Crystal Dragon. They can be purchased with Real Money in the Shop.

Crystal Used

They are used to purchase several Items in the Shop, expend Monsters Storage or Summon.