Summoners War - Game - Currency - Guild Point

The Currency Guild Point is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players who are in a Guild! Guild Point is the Guild Reward Currency in Summoners War. Guild Point are obtained by performing Guild Battle! The amount of Guild Point rewarded is based on the Guild Rank, Opponent Chosen and the Number of Win during the Guild Battle (between 0 to 18 Guild Point per Battle). A Draw match will reward by 1 Guild Point the attacker and defender! Winning a defensive Battle will reward 1 Guild Point for each winning Battle! Also when Guild Battle are done, Offense Victory will reward all Guildmates with the amount of Guild Point that each Player receive during the Offence Guild Battle plus an additional 10 Guild Points, including those that didn't participate will receive the +10 Guild Points. With a Defense Victory, all Guildmates will receive 10 Guild Points! Guild Point are used to purchase items in the Guild Shop! There's 4 different Buildings that offer to Buff our Monsters during Guild Battle and also Summons Scrolls/Stones/Pieces, Rainbowmon and Almighty Summoning Pieces!

Well Guild Point is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It offer to purchase many Buildings and Items! But it require to be part of a Guild!

Guild Point Obtain

Guild Point is obtained as a Reward in Guild Battle, Siege Battle and Tartarus Labyrinth.

Guild Point Used

Guild Point are used to purchase items in the Guild Shop.