Summoners War - Game - Currency - Mana Stone

The Currency Mana Stone is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players! Mana Stone is the main Currency in Summoners War. It can purchase almost everything in the game and is also obtained almost in any Battle Map! Mana Stone can be used to purchase Building/Expansion, Raise Monsters Limit in Inventory/Monsters Storage, Summons, Evolve, Power-Up, Rune Power-Up/Remove/Enchant/Reappraisal, Fusion Monsters/Essences, buy Items in Magic Shop, Transmogrify and Craft Runes/Homunculus/Buildings/Decorations/Specials. Mana Stone is obtained in all Scenarios Battle Map, all Carios Dungeon, all Raid Dungeons (sometime in Rift Raid), Dimensional Rift, sometime in Arena/World Arena, sometime in World Boss and by selling Runes/Craft Material (Hard Wood, Tough Leather, Solid Rock, Solid Iron Ore, Shining Mythril, Think Cloth, Rune Piece or Magic Dust). Mana Stone Cannot be obtained in Trial of Ascension and Guild Battle!

Well Mana Stone is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It can buy many many thing!

Mana Stone Obtain

Mana Stone is obtained as a Reward in Scenarios, Dungeons, Arena, Missions, Temple of Wishes and World Boss. They are generated overtime by the 3 Building: Pond of Mana, Deep Forest Ent and Ancient Stones. They can be purchase in the Shop with Crystal!

Mana Stone Used

Mana Stone are used to purchase almost everything. Purchase Building/Expansion/Decoration, Summon, Power-Up, Evolve, Fuse, Buy Item in Magic Shop, Rune Power-Up/Enchant/Reappraisal/Remove/Craft.