Summoners War - Game - Currency - Shining Mythril

The Currency Shining Mythril is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players! Shining Mythril is a Scenarios (Hell) Currency in Summoners War. Shining Mythril are obtained by performing Battle in the Scenarios Map - Mt. White Ragon/Tamor Desert/Mt. Runar any Stage but in Hell Difficulty! The amount of Shining Mythril that can be rewarded in the Scenarios Map - Mt. White Ragon/Tamor Desert/Mt. Runar Hell (between 2 to 4 Shining Mythril per Battle). Also Shining Mythril can be Sell for 180 Mana Stones each. Shining Mythril are used to Craft 6 Buildings and 3 Items.

Well Shining Mythril is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It offer to craft multiple different buildings and items!

Shining Mythril Obtain

Shining Mythril is obtained as a Reward in Scenarios: Mt. White Ragon (Hell), Tamor Desert (Hell) and Mt. Runar (Hell).

Shining Mythril Used

Shining Mythril are used in the Building: Craft > Building > Command Post, Statue - Ancient Giant, Statue - Ancient Dragon, Statue - Ancient Lich King, Statue - Ancient Guardian and Flying Boat and Craft > Special > School of Magic Researcher (School of Magic Hat, School of Magic Feather Pen, School of Magic Boots).