Summoners War - Game - Currency - Symbol of Chaos

The Currency Symbol of Chaos is one of the Currency available in to game for any Players! Symbol of Chaos is a Cairos Dungeon - Necropolis B5+ Currency in Summoners War. Symbol of Chaos are obtained by performing Battle in the Cairos Dungeon - Necropolis B5+! However, it's possible to obtain Symbol of Chaos by Battling in the Giant's Keep B5+ and Dragon's Lair B5+ but they have less chance to be obtained then in Necropolis B5+! The amount of Symbol of Chaos that can be rewarded is based on the Base Number (Stage) chosen to Battle in the Cairos Dungeon - Necropolis B5+ (between 1 to 12 Symbol of Chaos per Battle) and in the Cairos Dungeon - Giant's Keep B5+ or Dragon's Lair B5+ (between 1 to 6 Symbol of Chaos per Battle). 50 Symbol of Chaos can be purchase in the Shop > Special with 180 Crystal (10 time per week)! Symbol of Chaos are used to Craft Runes and Craft 1 Building.

Well Symbol of Chaos is a very important Currency in Summoners War! It offer to craft multiple different rune set!

Symbol of Chaos Obtain

Symbol of Chaos is obtained as a Reward in Cairos Dungeon: Necropolis (5F+), Giant's Keep (5F+) and Dragon's Lair (5F+).

Symbol of Chaos Used

Symbol of Chaos are used in the Building: Craft > Rune > Energy, Swift, Blade, Rage, Fatal, Despair, Vampire, Nemesis, Will, Destroy and Craft > Building > Statue - Ancient Lich King.