Summoners War - Game - Debuff - Bomb

The Debuff Bomb is one of the Debuff available for several Monsters! It allow the attacker to place a Bomb on the defender, it ignores glancing hit and elemental advantage/disadvantage! The Bomb will detonate after a number of turn specified on the skill used by the attacker! Each beginning Turn, the Counting on the Bomb lower by 1. At 0, the Bomb Detonate and will deal damage on the target! Bomb damage is calculated at time of placement, by the monster that placed the Bomb. Bomb ignore defense! Bomb can't land as a crushing hit! Bomb cannot hit as a Critical Hit, Bomb explode before anything happens on a monsters turn, including Veromos passive skill. Bomb Stun is Resistable. Bomb can be dispelled by cleanser skill.

Debuff Bomb Description

Explodes after a fixed amount of turns to inflict damage and stuns the target for 1 turn. (Ignores Defense)

Debuff Bomb Monsters List

4 Stars
- Fire Joker - Jojo
- Water Kobold Bomber - Malaka
- Wind Kobold Bomber - Taurus
- Dark Joker - Liebli
- Light Kobold Bomber - Dover

5 Stars
- Wind Oracle - Seara
- Dark Oracle - Giana