Summoners War - Game - Debuff - Freeze

The Debuff Freeze is one of the Debuff available for several Monsters! It allow the attacker to make the defender lose a turn by freezing it! When the defender will have he's turn, he will have to recover it by removing the Freeze Debuff. Freeze have the same effect of Stun Debuff but they both can be apply at same time, also like Sleep Debuff but Sleep can be broke. Freeze can be dispelled by cleanser skill however not by Veromos passive skill!

Debuff Freeze Description

The target will be frozen and won't be able to attack.

Debuff Freeze Monsters List

2 Stars
- Water Imp - Fynn
- Water Salamander - Kaimann

3 Stars
- Water Amazon - Ellin
- Water Grim Reaper - Hemos
- Water Mummy - Nubia
- Water High Elemental - Ellena

4 Stars
- Water Nine-tailed Fox - Soha
- Water Undine - Mikene
- Water Sylph - Tyron
- Water Pierret - Julie
- Water Lich - Rigel
- Wind Lich - Fuco
- Dark Pierret - Luna
- Dark Lich - Grego

5 Stars
- Water Phoenix - Sigmarus
- Water Dragon - Verad
- Water Chimera - Taor