Update - v3.4.8 Update Notice - 2017-06-29

v3.4.8 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!
Summoners War v3.4.8 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.4.8 Update Details
New [Support Type Homunculus]
- Homunculus is a default 5 Stars Monster and you can select an attribute of the Homunculus and evolve its skill in various ways.
- Homunculus can be summoned at the Craft Building and required summoning materials are dropped in the Rift Dungeons.

The 1st Season of the [World Arena] has ended.
- We appreciate all of your participation in the World Arena Season 1 and we'll come back with better content as soon as possible.
- You won't be able to enter the Ranking Battle until the opening of Season 2 after the end of Season 1. However, you'll still be able to enter the Goodwill Battle.

[Season Reward Tallying Details]
Tally Schedule: Jun. 28th 11pm - Jun. 30th 12am PDT
: The victory points will be reset according to the final grade of the season.
: New Hall of Fame Menu will be added where you can check the winner of the season.
: Season reward will be sent to the Inbox when you login to the game after Jun. 30th 12am PDT.

Rift Dungeon Balancing Modification
- (All) Additional damage effects have been added based on attribute relations.
- The damage increases by 50% when you attack with Monsters of advantageous attribute and the amount of damage you receive from the Rift Beasts will increase by 50% if you use Monsters of disadvantageous attribute.
- (Fire/Water/Wind) The Rift Beast's Defense has slightly increased.

Monster Strategy Info Reset
- The Monster Strategy Info will be reset according to the update due to the Rift Dungeon balancing.
- [Monster Info] The Monster Info will now reflect the battle records of Rank S and up.
- [Dungeon Debate] The minimum requirement to write the post has been modified from Rank A to Rank S and up.

[Rift of Worlds] Reward Modification
[Rift Dungeons]
- A new [Reward Box] which you can get various items, including Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance Runes as well as Gems/Grindstones, with a chance has been added.
- [Condensed Magic Crystal] will now be dropped for users who reach Grade B- and up. With this modification, the amount of Condensed Magic Crystals dropped each time has been slightly reduced.
- No more Gems/Grindstones related to [Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance Runes] will be dropped due to the modification.
(The total drop rate of other Rune-related Gems/Grindstones remains the same.)

[Crafting] Attack-type Homunculus and some Rune Craft Materials have been modified.
- The number of materials required for evolving skills of Fire/Water/Wind Homunculus (Attack-type) has been greatly reduced.
- The number of materials required for crafting [Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance] Runes has been increased.

[Fight/Determination/Enhance] Rune Effect and Selling Price Modification
- The effects of [Fight/Determination/Enhance] Runes have been increased.
: [Fight] Ally's Attack Power +7% -> +8% / [Determination] Ally's Defense +7% -> +8% / [Enhance] Ally's HP +7% -> +8%
- The selling price of [Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance] Runes have been greatly increased.
: The price change will be applied to Runes that are dropped after the update and won't be applied to the Runes you had before the patch.

Monster Storage Improvements
- [Rift Dungeon/Rift Raid] You'll now be able to use Monsters stored in the Monster Storage in the battle.
- The number of Monsters you can select will be displayed on the Storage Icon Menu in the battle preparation screen.

Cairos Dungeon (Giant's Keep/Dragon's Lair/Necropolis) Rainbowmon Reward Modification
- [1F - 7F] 3 Stars Rainbowmons will now be dropped and the drop rate of 2 Stars Rainbowmons have decreased.
- [8F - 10F] The drop rate of 3 Stars Rainbowmons have increased and drop rate of 2 Stars Rainbowmons have slightly decreased.
* The total drop rate of the Rainbowmon remains the same and the drop rate of 2~3 Stars Rainbowmons have been modified.

New Language Support (Arabic)

Minor Bug Fixes
- The issue of the Monsters stored in the Monster Storage not being displayed correctly during the Monster Fusion has been resolved.

The description of some monster skills have been changed.