Update - v3.5.0 Update Notice - 2017-07-13

v3.5.0 Update Notice Active


Greetings from Com2uS!

Summoners War has been updated to v3.5.0.
Please see below for more info on the update.

* Please note that the actual update will be applied via the maintenance for auto update. (Both iOS & Android)
* Please check the maintenance details for more info.

v3.5.0 Update Details

A real-time strategic battle with Summoners all around the world! [World Arena] Season 2 begins.
- World Arena Season 2 will become available on all servers simultaneously starting Jul. 13th 12am PDT.
- Modifications made to the World Arena Season 2 are as follows.

[Grade Placement and Victory Points]
- Your Victory Points will be reset according to the grade of the previous season when the World Arena starts, and you'll be assigned to the grade accordingly based on 10 [Placement Battles].
- Please see the below chart for more info on the Victory Point Reset.

* Your victory point will start from 1,000pts if you haven't participated in the previous season.

[Rune Improvements]
- Bonus turn that's activated with Violent Rune will now activate only once per turn in the World Arena.
- If users have consumed the entire turn without any action, the time that's provided in the following turn will be reduced by half. (Reduced up to 3 sec)
- The standard turn regarding the additional effect activation has been changed from 30 turns to 20 turns.
: 20 turns in the beginning, increases the Attack Power by 10% and decreases the HP by 10% for every 15 turns afterwards.

Season 2 Rewards and New Items at the World Arena Shop
- The season rewards are as follows.

You can't transmogrify [Liberated Destroyer Homunculus (Attack Type)] with Shapeshifting Stones. It can only be acquired as a World Arena Season Reward.

- The following is the newly added items at the World Arena Shop.
: 2 new buildings, [Ellia's Cozy Little House/Shiny Fairy Tree Stable], have been added where you can place Ellia and her rides.
: A new costume for Ellia, [Council Knights], has been added.
: 2 new rides for Ellia, [Red Peddler Penguin/Blue Peddler Penguin], have been added.
: 2 new Monster Transmogrification Items, [Soaring Glow/Swirling Magical Aura], have been added.

Bug Fixes
- The issue of the boss' aura effect not being distinguishable according to the passive effect in the Trial of Ascension 100F (Lyrith) has been resolved.
- The issue of the challenge details in progress not being applied correctly on the [Challenge: Homunculus Master] has been resolved.
- The issue of the notice text regarding tallying/maintenance being displayed on the incorrect location upon entering the World Arena has been resolved.
- The issue of Monsters stored in the Monster Storage being checked multiple times in the Rift Dungeon Battle Placement Screen has been resolved.
- The issue of the Rift Dungeon related scenario event not being proceeded properly under certain circumstances has been resolved.
- (All) Transmogrified Ifrit: The issue of Magic Guardian Ifrit's transmogrification effect at the bottom not being displayed when equipping the transmogrification item has been resolved.

Light Attribute Homunculus (Support Type) Skill Error Resolution
- [Rock On]: The issue of the camera zoom-in effect being displayed unnaturally when the attack lands as a critical hit while the ally's attack target is under inability effect has been resolved.
- [Fast Pace]: The target of the skill has been changed from an ally target to all allies/enemies.
- [Operation Alpha - Power-up]: The AI has been improved so that the skill is used on yourself when all other ally's HP status is better than that of yours.