Update - v3.5.7 Update and Rune Recovery Notice - 2017-09-15

v3.5.7 Update and Rune Recovery Notice Active


Greetings from Com2uS!
Summoners War has been updated to v3.5.7!
Please see below for more info.

* The actual update will be applied with the maintenance for the auto update. (Simultaneously on both Android/iOS)
* Please check the Maintenance Notice for more info.

v3.5.7 Update Details

New Transmogrifications
- New Transmogrifications for [Evil Eye Berserker Dragon Knight/Dragon Master Sea Emperor/Street Troublemaker Vampire/Sea Fairy Mermaid/Forest Wizard Harg] have been added.

UI Improvements
- The skill icon image for [Mana Bubble]/[Air Shield] skills will now be modified when you Awaken (Fire/Wind) Mermaid.

Bug Fixes
- [Monster_Info] The error of the EXP info of the Monsters placed in the EXP Building being displayed incorrectly has been resolved.
- (Light) Support-type Homunculus: The ally Monsters that are under inability effects will now be excluded from attacking when using the [Rock On] skill.
- [Necropolis] (Fire/Dark) Mermaid under Imprison Soul effect: The error of the Ancient Lich King's HP not being recovered when using the [Grant Life] skill has been resolved.

Regarding the Rune Display Error in the Scenario Area
There was an error of the incorrect Rune being displayed as the scenario clear reward during Sep. 14th 4:20am - 4:40am PDT which led some of the users to accidently sell the Runes that were in use.

It seems that the Runes that were in your possession were sold together when you sold the incorrectly displayed Rune and we'll be recovering the sold Runes via the update that's scheduled for today.

Moreover, the issue of the error pop-up that says, [Unable to find the Rune Info], appearing when you power-up or remove the Rune is also caused by the same problem and this error will also be resolved.

Please note that the Runes that were accidently sold will be recovered via the update and the Runes will be stored at the Inventory instead of the Monster's Rune Slot.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused and thank you for your understanding!