Update - v3.7.0 Update Notice - 2017-11-17

v3.7.0 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!
Summoners War v3.7.0 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.7.0 Update Details

> A new [Siege Battle] where 3 Guilds fight against each other in real-time will be added.
- Come up with various strategies by cooperating with your Guild members to claim victory in a battle against other Guilds!

- 6 new items have been added to the Guild Shop.
Super Angelmon: You can level up your Monster to MAX level of the current grade upon using this item as a power-up material.
Legendary Rune Box: You can acquire a 5~6 Stars Legend Grade Rune.
Mysterious Rune Box: You can check the information of 3 of 5~6 Stars Rare Grade or above Runes and select one of them to acquire.
Water Mummy Summoning Piece: You can summon Water Mummy by collecting the pieces.
Wind Charger Shark Summoning Piece: You can summon Wind Charger Shark by collecting the pieces.
Guild Megaphone: You can promote your Guild to all chat channels.

- [Guild Shop] The amount of Guild Points required to purchase 3-star Monster Summoning Pieces has been reduced from 200 to 100. (Cow Girl/Martial Cat/Amazon/Grim Reaper)

> Guild Improvement
[Manage Guild Registration] (Community>Guild>Guild Info)
- A new Requirement Menu has been added. (Requirement>Settings)
: You can set requirements to join the Guild based on the Arena results of the previous week.
: You can set up methods to join the Guild.
Free Join: Players can instantly join a Guild.
Approval: Players can join a Guild upon approval from the Guild Master/Vice Guild Masters.
Decline: The Guild is currently not accepting any requests and will not appear on the list of Suggested Guilds.

- A new [Manage Registration] Menu has been added. (Only for Guild Masters/Vice Guild Masters)
: A new [Guild Promotion] feature has been added where you can enter the Guild Introduction and send it out to all chat channels. (Guild>Manage Registration>Guild Promotion) * You need Guild Megaphones to use this feature. 1 Guild Megaphone will be used each time you promote.
: A new [Invite] feature where you can enter a name of a Summoner who hasn't joined a Guild and invite him or her to your Guild has been added. (Guild>Manage Registration>In Progress)
: A new [Recommended Guild Members] feature where you can view Summoners who haven't joined a Guild/those who meet the requirement has been added.

[Request to Join a Guild] (Community>Guild>Guild Settings)
- A new [Guild Search] feature where you can search for specific Guilds that meet the condition you've set up has been added. (Ex) Guilds with requirements (Conqueror Stars or above can request to join)/Guilds that are open to all.
- Suggested Guild List has been improved.
: Guilds that you can join will now be displayed randomly based on your Arena Ranking from the previous week.

> [Arena/Guild Battle/Raid] Monster decks saved in the [Manage Monster Deck] feature on the Battle Preparation screen will now be kept even if the game is re-installed or the device is changed.

> Effects will now be displayed at a more accurate place when you use Transmogrified Dragon Knight's skills.

> The Siege Battle Pre-registration Event Participation Reward (Mystical Scroll x3 + 3 Stars Rainbowmon x1) will be sent starting Nov. 19th in order.