Update - v3.7.1 Update Notice - 2017-11-23

v3.7.1 Update Notice Active


Greetings from Com2uS!
Summoners War v3.7.1 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.7.1 Update Details

> New SWC World Finals Special Package
- This limited edition package will be available for purchase only once per account during Nov. 22nd - Dec. 2nd.

> [Siege Battle] Improvement
- The text color in the chat and notification has been modified to be shown differently per Guild (When the attack starts/when the attack succeeds/fails/when the base is occupied).
- You'll now be able to instantly view the detailed info when you tap the Monsters placed on your Guild base.
- You'll now be able to view how much time is left via pop-up notice when you tap the opponent Guild's base that's currently being rebuilt.

> Siege Point Modification
- The amount of Siege Points given according to the battle result has changed.

* The same rate will be applied to the contribution.

> [Siege Battle] Bug Fixes
- An issue of the sound effect not being played when other Guilds occupy bases has been resolved.
- An issue of the Vice Guild Master's mark being displayed incorrectly to the Guild members in the [defense] battle info menu has been resolved.

> [Guild Shop] Improvement
- [Guild Megaphone] Messages sent via Guild Megaphones will now be shown in green, instead of orange, in the chat notification.
- 2 New items (Legendary Rune Box/Mysterious Rune Box) have been added.
: Legendary Rune Box: You can acquire a 5~6 Stars Legend grade Rune.
: Mysterious Rune Box: You can check the information of 3 of 5~6 Stars Rare Grade or above Runes and select one of them to acquire.

> UI Improvement
- The description in the package sales pop-up that appears after a battle has been modified to be more specific.

> Bug Fixes
- [Android] An issue of the video link in the information page that appears when users tap the [swc2017 FINAL] Icon on the top of the World Arena Lobby Screen not functioning properly has been resolved.

> [Guild Megaphone] An error of the Guild Megaphone not working properly for some Guilds with a long Guild name has been resolved and the name of the Guild that experienced this issue will now be displayed as a shortened version.
: This issue will be resolved with v3.7.2 update. We appreciate your understanding in advance.