Update - v3.7.8 Update Notice - 2018-02-12

v3.7.8 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v3.7.8 has been updated.
Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.7.8 Update Details

> [Cairos Dungeon] The amount of Mid Essences dropped in the Hall of Magic/Attribute Dungeons will be modified as follows.
- Hall of Magic/Attribute Dungeons (Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Darkness) [8 - 10F]
: Mid Essence x1 (Clearance Reward) will no longer be dropped.
: Mid Essence x4 has been added as a new clearance reward. (1 - 3 Essences were dropped before)
* The total drop rate of Mid Essences will be the same as before and the drop rate of other rewards will stay the same, as well.
* As the amount of Mid Essences dropped has changed to 2/3/4 Essences, you now have a higher chance of acquiring more Mid Essences when you clear dungeons.

> [Rift Raid] The party will now be dismissed when the battle doesn't begin even after 10 min has passed since the party has been formed.

> [Guild Battle] Background map graphics have been improved.

> [Siege Battle] A chat notification that appears when there's a Summoner who contributed to the battle greatly has been improved.

> Bug Fixes
- (Fire/Water/Dark) Neostone Agent's [Cutting Magic]
: An issue of the skill effect being displayed abnormally has been resolved.
: An issue of the skill effect not being applied properly has been resolved.

- (Light) Lich's [Endless Attachment (Passive)]
: An issue of the [Endless Attachment (Passive)] not working properly when the HP is distributed by Light Vampire's [Immortality (Passive)] skill has been resolved.

- (Fire) Ninja's [Narrow Escape (Passive)]/ (Light) Taoist's [Secretive Guard (Passive)]
: An issue of Fire Ninja's passive effect (increases your Attack Bar) not being applied properly when the passive skills of Fire Ninja and Light Taoist are activated consecutively due to multi-hit attacks has been resolved.

- (Wind) Pierret's [Spinning Slash]
: An issue of the skill effect that resets the enemy's Attack Bar to 0 not being applied properly when the [Air Slash] skill can be used has been resolved.

> UI Improvement
- The size of the download will now be displayed on the pop-up window when you download additional resources.