Update - v3.7.9 Update Notice - 2018-02-27

v3.7.9 Update Notice Active


Greetings from Com2uS!

Summoners War v3.7.9 has been updated.
Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.7.9 Update Details

> NPC [Reina]'s New Challenges (Bottom Menu> Challenges)
- Fuse Monsters: New challenges regarding (Dark Ifrit) Monster Fusion have been added.
- To the top: New challenges regarding Cairos Dungeon (Dragon's Lair/Necropolis), Trials of Ascension (Normal/Hard) and Rift of Worlds (Rift Raid/Rift Dungeon/Homunculus) have been added.
* Previous gameplay record (prior to the v3.7.9 update) won't count for the new challenges except the record of acquired Monsters.

> [Siege Battle] Improvements
- A new [Defense Record] Menu where you can check previous defense records of each defense deck at the base menu has been added.
- The UI has been improved so that the previous defense records are shown by the defense deck and not in the Battle Info (Defense Info) Menu.
- The defense info of defense decks of the last 3 battles will now be shown in the [Defense Record].
* The record will reset when you change or remove Monsters placed in the defense deck and only the records of Siege Battles that are to be held after the v3.7.9 update will be shown.
- (Siege Battle Chat) An issue of the time of chat alert description regarding a Summoner who contributed to the battle greatly overlapping has been resolved.

> (Arena/World Arena/World Boss/Guild Battle/Siege Battle) Ranking Info UI Improvement
- [World Arena/Siege Battle] A new UI where you can check the record of the previous season has been added. (Tap the Summoner Info area of the World Arena Main Page or go to [Siege Battle]-[Info] and tap the Guild area)
- [Arena/World Arena/Siege Battle] Percentages (%) will now be displayed on the ranking list.
- [World Boss] The ranking percentage (%) will now be displayed to the first decimal place.
* The cut-off point for the ranking grade will be tallied without rounding to the decimal point of the percentage.
* For the Siege Battle, above will be applied to records of gameplay after Season 2.

> Bug Fixes
- [Monster Storage] An issue of the storage slot being displayed as 0 and monsters not being stored when the building is installed for the first time has been resolved.
- [Monster Debate] The description on the notice pop-up that appears when you can't register your post has been improved.

> The description of some monster skills have been changed.