Update - v3.8.7 Update Notice - 2018-05-30

v3.8.7 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v3.8.7 has been updated.
Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.8.7 Update Details

> Rift Raid Improvement
- A party matching feature has been added.
: The [Join Party] has been changed to the [Match Party] in the entrance screen of the Rift Raid. You can activate the [Match Party] Button and use other non-battle content (Monster summonings, Evolution, Rune Power-up, etc.) until the matching is complete in the Island screen.
: An info screen will be displayed at top of the screen to show you the status of the party matching, and you can cancel the matching by tapping the info screen.
* Please note that the party matching will be cancelled automatically when you enter the other battle content.

- The difficulty of some of levels in the Rift Raid has been improved, and the rewards have been modified.
: [Level 1~4] Bosses' HP has been decreased.
: [Level 5] The drop rate of Rare grade Gems and Grindstones has been decreased, and the drop rate of Legend grade Gems and Hero/Legend grade Grindstones has been increased.

> [Gateway] Improvement
- Move to the battle places of your choice! The Gateway building has been improved.
- You will be able to move to Cairos Dungeon, Trial of Ascension, World Boss, Rift Raid and Rift Dungeons with the [Teleport] Menu in the Gateway building.
* The Teleport Menu Button will be activated when the Cairos Dungeon is opened.

> New Profile Background [Full Bloom Flower Garden]
- The [Full Bloom Flower Garden] can be acquired as a reward from the global launch 4-year special event.
An UI where you can manage the profile backgrounds has been added in the Placement Settings Menu at the [Summoner's Tower > Profile]. You can check and modify the profile backgrounds.

> New [Strategy Deck Info] Feature in the [Trial of Ascension]
- A [Strategy Deck Info] Button will be displayed at the top-right side of the battle result screen when you failed to clear the floor. You can check out the Monster decks of other users who successfully cleared the floor.

> UI Improvement
- [Android] The navigation bar on/off activation feature has been added. You can go to the Summoner's Profile > Game Settings (Options) to set, and the feature is available for the devices that have the navigation bar function.
* Your current game options will be changed back to default settings as the navigation bar option is added.
Please set the options again after the update. (All iOS/Android devices)
- [Monster > Rune] The number of Gems and Grindstones you possess will be displayed in the Gem and Grindstone Icons.
- [Guild Shop & Ancient Magic Shop] The notice pop-up text of the summoning piece items has been improved by adding the attribute information of the Monsters.

> Bug Fixes
- [World Boss] Fixed the issue of your current grade not being displayed in the reward tab menu.
- Fixed the issue of the items stored in the [Inbox] not being sorted by the expiration period.