Update - v3.8.8 Update Notice - 2018-06-14

v3.8.8 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v3.8.8 has been updated.
Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v3.8.8 Update Details

> 4th anniversary special Transmogrification returns items have been added.
- The items are for sale during the event period (Jun. 14th - Jun. 27th) only.
- The following transmogrifications are available:
[Heavy Metal Chimera/ DJ Joker/ Pop Star Neostone Agent/ Idol Kung Fu Girl/ Rock Star Pirate Captain]
[Death Magician Lich/ Invincible Barbaric King/ Moonlight Priest Polar Queen/ Hitman Neostone Fighter/ Little Gentlemen Penguin Knight]
[Imperial Brigade Oracle/ Sword Successor Magic Knight/ Shadow hunter Assassin/ Steampunk Golem/ Executioner Bounty Hunter]

> Quality of Runes dropped in all areas of Cairo's Dungeon (Giant's Keep/Dragon's Lair/ Necropolis) has been improved.
- The upper ★ grade and Hero - Legend Rune drop rates have been increased slightly.

> The [Shop] that appears when you don't have enough Energy in battles has been improved.
- Energy item that can be purchased with SP (Hearts) has been added.
- A [Close] Button where you can close the Shop has been added at the bottom of the menu.

> UI Improvements
- New [Send All] function has been added in the [Community]. You can now send SP to your friends at once.
- When you enter battles through the [Gateway], you will return to the island screen after the battle ends.

> Returning user's check-in reward has been renewed.
* This modification will be applied after the v3.8.8 patch completion on Global Server. (After Jun. 14th 12:30am PDT)
: (Dormant users with no gameplay record for 30 days or more)

: (Dormant users with no gameplay record for 15 - 29 days) The same check-in rewards of the previous ones will be given.

> Bug Fixes
- [Rift Raid] Fixed the issue of the Monsters in your possession not being displayed correctly in the Manage Monster Deck Menu
- [Gateway] Fixed the issue of the location of camera screen being unnatural when you return to the Village after entering battles through the Gateway
- (Android) Fixed the issue of the users not being able to edit the guild introduction under certain situations
- (iOS) Fixed the issue of the islands and buildings not being displayed correctly under certain situations