Update - v4.0.3 Auto Update Notice - 2018-08-13

v4.0.3 Update Notice (Modified) Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.0.3 has been updated.
Please check below for details!

* v4.0.3 update will be released instead of v4.0.2 update.
* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.0.3 Update Details

> [Tartarus' Labyrinth] Improvement
- Mark the stages that need to be cleared first! An [Attack Mark] feature has been added where the Guild Masters and Vice Guild Masters can mark the stages that need to be attacked in priority.
: Tap and hold the target area to add the [attack mark] or [remove the mark]. (* Up to 3 areas can be marked.)

- A new feature where you can check only the decks that were successful in winning a battle in a stage has been added.
: Go to the Tartarus' Labyrinth > [Battle Record] or [Member > Battle Info > Battle Record] > Check the "Exclude failed attempts" mark to display the successful decks only.

> [Tartarus' Labyrinth] UI Improvement
- [Info] Changed the location of the text description at the labyrinth reward info menu
- [Help] Added additional texts due to the modification on the points required to clear the Guardians of Labyrinth (Kotos/Leos/Guilles) and the Ruler of Labyrinth (Tartarus)
- [Battle Info] Modified the order of some menu ([Strategy Info/Battle Record/Reward Info] > [Strategy Info/Reward Info/Battle Record])
- The time left until the next rank won't be displayed when your Guild has Rank C.

> [SWC 2018 Battle] Mode
- It's a new mode added in the World Arena Goodwill Battle. Each Summoner will ban one Monster out of all Monsters, and neither you nor the opponent can use the banned Monsters.
- This mode will be used in the SWC 2018 Asia-Pacific Cup, Americas Cup, Europe Cup and the World Finals.

> Battle User Convenience Improvement
- Users will be able to open up the Inbox to claim the stored Energy at the notice pop-up that appears when you don't have enough Energy/Arena Invitations.
- Some menu at the battle ending screen has been improved.
: [Retry] menu has been changed so that you can enter the battle instantly with the formation you've used previously.
(Before the modification, you will be moved to the battle preparation screen and you have to tap the Battle Button to start the battle again.)
: [Prepare] menu where you can modify the Monster formation has been added at the bottom of the screen.

> [Rune > Enchant] UI Improvement
- A display method has been improved to display the increased stats of the amplified runes.
- A system has been improved for users to check the Enchanted Gems and Grindstones that can be used on the selected Rune with more ease.
: The Gems/Grindstones that can be used will be displayed in priority, and the Gems/Grindstones that cannot be used due to having low stats than the changed ones will be displayed as unavailable.

> [Guild] Improvement
- [Guild Check-in] A check-in icon notification will now be displayed when you can collect the check-in reward.
- [Guild Achievement] A display method has been modified for the repetitive achievements. The points of achievement will be accumulated to be distinguished more clearly.
Previously: When your guild completes the Check in for Goods (30/30) > Check in for Goods (0/30)
Changed to: When your guild completes the Check in for Goods (30/30) > Check in for Goods (30/60)
- [Guild Info] Guilds that are shown at the guild search, recommendations, join requested will now have their Guild level displayed.
- [Guild Join] Users can send request to join MAX 10 Guilds at the same time.

> Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue of the reward info not being displayed properly at the Inbox when you acquire a Devilmon as a labyrinth clear reward.
- Fixed the issue of the Guild Magic Shop's refresh time not being reflected in real-time under certain situations. (Global/Europe servers)
- [Arena/Guild Battle/Siege Battle] Fixed the issue of Water Ifrit attacking additionally and getting defeated if Ifrit gets defeated from the bomb harmful effect while under beneficial effect block status in certain situations.