Update - v4.1.0 Auto Update Notice (Added) - 2018-09-28

v4.1.0 Auto Update Notice (Added) Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.1.0 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.1.0 Update Details

> [Tartarus' Labyrinth] Renewal
- The labyrinth exploration schedule will be fixed in server time.
: The first labyrinth exploration schedule details are as follows.
> Exploration Schedule: Sep. 29th - Oct. 12th 11:59pm
> Tally Schedule: Oct. 12th 11:59pm - Oct. 13th 5:59am
> A new exploration will start on Oct. 13th 6am.
* Guilds created/ / Guild Members who joined the Guild after a labyrinth exploration start will start their exploration after midnight of their creation time.
* Schedules are based on server time.

- Exploration rules have been modified.
: You can now battle 5 times a day.
: If your Guild successfully defeats Tartarus, all stages will open. Once all stages are open, you can enter stages without consuming any Energy and earn rewards when you clear stages.
* The clear points won't go up even if you clear stages the day after the exploration clear.

- Exploration rewards have been improved.
: New Ranks (SSS and SS) have been added. (Before: S/A/B/C > After: SSS/SS/S/A/B/C)
: An [Immemorial Heritage] will be given as a labyrinth exploration reward. The number of reward boxes you can acquire from the [Immemorial Heritage] will differ based on the clear time of the final boss, [Tartarus].

* Guild Members with 299 or lower clear points won't be able to receive the Immemorial Heritage.

- Either an [Immemorial Grindstone] or [Immemorial Gem] will be guaranteed as a reward when you successfully attack Tartarus for the first time in every exploration.
- Go to read the developer's note: [Tartarus' Labyrinth Improvement]

> UI Improvement
- [Rune Craft] The display effect time has been improved to be faster. [6★ Rune (Legend grade) excluded)
- [Guild Shop] The item order of Legendary Rune Box and Mysterious Rune Box has been changed.

> Shop Item Renewal
- [Arena Shop]/ [World Arena Shop]/ [Guild Shop]
: You can now purchase the Mystical Scroll/ Water Scroll/ Fire Scroll/ Wind Scroll 3 times a week. (Previously once a week)
- [Guild Shop]
: You can now purchase a Legendary Rune Box with 600 guild points (previously 1,500 guild points), once a week (previously twice a month).
- [Shop] > [Special] Tab
: Prices of the rune crafting materials (Symbol of Harmony, Symbol of Transcendence, Symbol of Chaos, and Rune Piece) have been changed from 180 Crystals to 150 Crystals. The quantity of item (per purchase) has been changed from 50 to 100.
* The purchased rune crafting materials will not be sent to the Inbox. The items will be applied automatically to the Craft Building.
: You can now purchase the EXP Building Booster with 150 Crystals (previously 250 Crystals).

> [Craft] The amount of Mana Stones required to craft a rune has been modified.
: Craft Mid Rune (Before) 20,000 Mana Stones / (After) 10,000 Mana Stones
: Craft High Rune (Before) 50,000 Mana Stones / (After) 15,000 Mana Stones

> [Tartarus' Labyrinth] Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue of the Easy difficulty level being displayed as Normal difficulty level in the notice pop-up that shows the guild members who are currently attacking the selected stage.
- [Labyrinth: Rescue Stage] Fixed the issue of the some Monsters' counterattack buffs and revenge rune effects not being activated on the rescued monster.
- [Labyrinth: Bomb Stage] Fixed the issue of the bomb not being granted on Dark Minotauros.

> [Tartarus the Ruler of Labyrinth] Improved the battle ending sound effect.

> [Android] Improved to continue the download in the background even if the screen changes during additional resource download.

> Bug Fixes
- [Normal] Trial of Ascension 40F - (Dark) Beast Monk : Fixed the issue of the immunity effect against inability/ continuous damage being applied incorrectly.