Update - v4.1.4 Update Notice - 2018-11-29

v4.1.4 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.1.4 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.1.4 Update Details

> [Challenge] Achievement has been improved. (Challenge > Achievement)
- Achievement menu screen UI has been improved.
: The achievement now consists of 6 categories. You can check your achievement status and collect rewards for reaching achievement grades at the [Overview] menu.

- Achievement grade feature has been added.
: Earn achievement points by completing various achievements! You can get rewards based on the grade you reach.

* EXP (Summoner EXP) that was given when you complete the achievements will be changed to the achievement points. The achievements you completed before the v4.1.4 update will be given and applied to your achievement points.

- 176 new achievements have been added.

- The reward for completing the "Expert Monster Trainer - Reach MAX level with a 5★ Monster 1 time" has been modified.
: [Before] 4★ Rainbowmon x1 / Mystical Scroll x1 > [After] 4★ Rainbowmon x2

> [Profile_Record] The achievement info has been added.

> [Rift Dungeon] Improvement
- The battle result screen UI has been improved.
: The UI will now display both the damage you dealt in the battle and the highest damage you achieved so far.
: The reward item will now be displayed in a box pop-up format so you can see which reward you acquired from the battle more clearly.

- A quality of items being dropped at the [Rift Dungeon] has been improved.
: The drop rate of Rune/ Enchanted Gem/ Grindstone items that are given as rewards for clearing the battle with Rank S and up has been increased slightly. You will now be able to acquire higher quality [Runes, Enchanted Gems and Grindstones].
* The drop rate of 3★ Rainbowmon and Rune Pieces has been downgraded each.

- [Rift Dungeon: Light Beast] If your Monster attacks the Light Beast with a multiple-hit attack, destroys the Light Beast's shield and still has hits to deal, those hits will no longer have damage reduction on the Light Beast.

> [Craft Building] New Items
- [Special] A Legendary Magic Box has been added. You can craft the Legendary Magic Box with materials dropped in the Rift Dungeons.
: 4 of the following rewards will be acquired. Either an Enchanted Gem or a Grindstone with Hero grade or higher will be guaranteed.

- [Building/ Decorate] New monster placing buildings and decoration items have been added.
: 2 Buildings: Winter Fishing Place (Can place up to 2 Monsters) & Snowman Garden (Can place up to 3 Monsters)
: 17 Decoration items: 5 Snow-covered Spiky Trees/ 4 Winter Trees/ 3 Snow-covered Trees/ 4 Snow-covered Rocks

> [Cairos Dungeon/ Rift Dungeon] When you achieve the best record and enter Top 100 with the record, a chat notification will appear. When you tap on the notification, you will be able to check the rank details of the Summoner.

> [Daily Missions] The descriptions of the Rift Raid related hidden missions have been improved.

> A graphic of Druid (Beast form) has been improved.

> Bug Fixes
- [Siege Battle] Fixed the issue where the users could check the rune information of the Monsters placed in the opponent guild's base under certain situations.