Update - v4.1.8 Update Notice - 2019-01-15

v4.1.8 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.1.8 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.1.8 Update Details

> New Transmogrifications
- New Transmogrifications for 5 Monsters have been added.
[Youngster Pioneer/ Night Witch Desert Queen/ Cyborg Ninja/ Alluring Succubus/ Passionate Knight Penguin Knight]

> [World Arena] Season 8
- Season 8 of the World Arena will open on Jan. 16th at 12am PST across all servers.
- The following will be modified in season 8.

[Grade System and Rewards]
- Ranking and rewards available by grade will be modified as follows.
: The cutline of the Guardian and Conqueror grades will be changed.
: The number of Transmogrifications given to the Rank No. 2 - 4 Summoners will be changed from 3 to 4.
: Shapeshifting Stones will be now be given to Challenger★★★ / Challenger★★ Summoners.

[Battle Victory Points]
- The amount of victory points acquired/ deducted according to battle results will be changed.
: The amount of points acquired/ deducted will be changed in battles where there's a big victory points difference.
: Less victory points will be deducted even if you lose to someone who has much lower victory points than you and vice versa.
: The total amount of victory points acquired/ deducted in placement battles will be reduced.

[Convenience Improvement]
- New ranking battle matching queue feature has been added.
: Once you activate matching by tapping the Ranking Battle Button, you can freely use NON-BATTLE content (monster summon/ evolution/ rune power-up, etc.) until you're matched.
You can also watch the replay in the World Arena. * Matching will be automatically cancelled if you use other BATTLE content.

> [Game Introduction] You can now check out all-new Summoner interviews, various infographics and interesting records. (Summoner Profile> Game Settings: Game Introduction)

> Bug Fixes
- [Challenge] An issue of the hidden mission you failed to complete on the previous day being achieved and not refreshed will be resolved.

> Monster Bug Fixes
- (Dark) Giant Warrior [Weight of Death (Passive)], (Light) Lich [Endless Attachment (Passive)], (Wind) Lightning Emperor [Gain Knowledge (Passive)]
: An issue of the passive skills not working properly under certain circumstances will be resolved.

- (Water) Lightning Emperor [Forbidden Galdr], (Fire) Fairy King [Hellfire], (Dark) Valkyrja [Ragnarok], (Light) Polar Queen [Brutal Order], (Fire) Harp Magician [Unwanted Harmony], (Light) Warbear [Risky Dash]
: An issue of stats of some HP decreasing skills not properly decreasing under certain circumstances will be resolved.

- (All) Howl: An issue of the recovery effect not activating properly when counterattacking will be resolved.
- (Dark) Fairy King [Discernment (Passive)]: Skills that gain additional effect under certain circumstances will no longer activate additional effect when the skills are resisted by [Discernment (Passive)].