Update - v4.2.3 Update Notice (Modified) - 2019-02-27

v4.2.3 Update Notice (Modified) Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.2.3 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.2.3 Update Details

> [Siege Battle] The victory points will be reset and applied in the new season.
- Victory Points will be reset in the same way as the Guild Battle.
We'll [compress points] meaning that victory points will be compressed by 70% based on 1,000pts.

- Please read below for an example.

> [Siege Battle] Crystal Reward Improvement
: [Before] When the siege battle ends, Guild members get rewards based on the Guild's grade, rank and the amount of siege points acquired.
: [After] When the siege battle ends, Guild members get [basic Crystals] that get evenly distributed to all Guild Members based on the Guild's current grade and the [bonus Crystals] given based on each Guild Member's contribution.

- [Basic Crystals] are given to the Guild Members who earned 40 victory points or more in the siege battle.
- [Bonus Crystals] are given in proportion to a Guild Member's contribution and the amount of [basic Crystals].
- [Bonus Crystals] can be earned up to 30% of a Guild Member's MAX contribution.
- Guild Points will be given as the same method.

> [Guild Shop] New Item

> [Community] Guild Improvement
- [Community > Guild > Guild Member] A new rank feature that displays guild member's records by content has been added.

> UI Improvement
- [Community > Guild] The default menu has been changed from [Guild Info] to [Guild Member].
- [Trial of Ascension/ Dimensional Rift] The monster list from which you can select the monsters will now be displayed in two lines in the monster placement screen.
- [Craft Building/ Shop] A new notification feature has been added to display the refresh period of some items that can be crafted/purchased weekly.

> Bug Fixes
- (Fire) Sniper Mk.I: Fixed an issue of the AI not functioning properly when you grant harmful effects with your passive skill.
- (Water) Ifrit: [Elemental King (Passive)]: Fixed an issue of the Endure effect keep remaining when the effect was activated from the bomb damage when your turn begins.
- (Wind) Giant Warrior [Weight of Survival (Passive)]: Fixed an issue of the skill cooldown time not decreasing under certain situations.

> [Transmogrification - Beach Girl Succubus] Some skill effects have been improved.

> Fixed an issue of 100 million downloads special package message being displayed in English under certain situations.

> The description of some monster skills have been fixed and polished.