Update - v4.2.7 Update Notice - 2019-04-26

v4.2.7 Update Notice Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v4.2.7 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v4.2.7 Update Details

> [Craft Building] Ancient Crystal Crafting Added (Crafting Building > Special)
- What is the Ancient Crystal?
It's a new currency item used to purchase various items from the Ancient Crystal Shop. The items can be obtained via Crafting.
- You can get 300 Ancient Crystals from one attempt of Crafting. Following items are required for Crafting.

* [Default 5★ Monsters] cannot be used if they are evolved to 6★, and Awakening status does not matter. Default 5★ Monsters that can be acquired from Fusion, Homunculus and Ifrits don't count.

> [Ancient Magic Shop Renewal] (Shop > Special)

- [Ancient Crystal Shop] has been added to the Ancient Magic Shop. The Shop now has two tabs: [Ancient Coin Shop/ Ancient Crystal Shop].
: In [Ancient Crystal Shop], [Ancient Crystals] (new crafting item) are used.
: In [Ancient Coin Shop], [Ancient Coins] that can be acquired from events are used.
- Following items will be for sale at the [Ancient Crystal Shop]:

> [Monster Debate] menu has been changed to [Monster Info]. The renewed Monster Info presents records and information of monsters at a glance. (Monster > Info screen > Icon on the right)
- Monster Debate: Like the previous Monster Debate feature, Summoners can leave comments regarding the Monster and check each other's comment.
- Friends: You can check the detailed information of the Monster your friends possess. (Rune set effects, etc.)
- Usage: You can check how the Monster is used and the info of the deck where the Monster is used in.
* The list shown in the [Usage] will be generated based on the gameplay records of the previous day.

> [Guild Summon] Improvement (Community > Guild)
- The Monster thumbnail will have a new effect that indicates the default 4~5★ Monsters summoned in the Guild Summon.
- Fixed an issue of the info pop-up not showing even after tapping the monster thumbnail when you enter the Guild Summon for the first time.
- Previously, other guild members had to wait until the ongoing summon of other guild member is over. With the improvement, guild members can use the scrolls without having to wait for other summons to end.
- Modified the guild summon button and the expiration time display text to not to be overlapped for some languages.
- Modified the item order of the Mystical Guild Scroll Pack item. (Mystical Guild Scroll <> Crystals)
- Improved the chat notification text to display the time when a guild member purchases the Mystical Guild Scroll Pack.

> [Rune Management] Feature Improvement (Monster > Rune)
- The runes shown in the Before/ After section will now have their power-up level displayed.

> Improved the [beneficial effect and harmful effect] text display to be shown more naturally in battles.

> Improved the selection pop-up UI of some items that present multiple runes with details and ask you to choose one to acquire.
In the improved UI, the rune type will be shown more clearly. (Ex: Guild Shop/ Mysterious Rune Box, etc.)

> Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue of the game not redirecting to the Monster's transmogrification location when you go to the Transmogrification Building via Monster setting menu.
- Fixed an issue of the game shutting down abnormally when you select the account transfer in the title screen.

> A special gift! <1 Mystical Scroll> for Summoners who update the game to v4.2.7!
- The gift will be available during Apr. 26th 2am - Apr. 27th 2am PDT.