Update - v5.0.0 Update Notice (Content Added) - 2019-06-13

v5.0.0 Update Notice (Content Added) Active


Hi, it's Com2uS!

Summoners War v5.0.0 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

* You will be asked to download a large size of additional resource file as the update content is big. Using a Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended.

v5.0.0 Update Details
> [New Content] The Dimension Hole
- Enter various dimensions and start the new adventure! You can now explore the Dimension Karzhan and Dimension Ellunia.
Fight against the Ancient Guardians to get exclusive rewards enchanted with ancient power, and Secondary Awaken the Monsters to make them stronger.

- Dimension Hole Location: On the right side of the World Map > Dimension Hole
- Dimension Hole Prerequisite: You have to clear the Rift Raid Level 1 to unlock the Dimension Hole.
(The [Rift Dungeons] unlock condition has been changed from clearing the Rift Raid Level 1 to Rift Raid Level 3.)

> Secondary Awakening for [Inugami, Warbear, Fairy and Pixie] Monsters
- The secondary awakened monster's basic stats will be increased and the skills will be upgraded.
- The secondary awakening conditions are as follows:
: The target monster needs to be awakened, all of its skills leveled up to the max and have 100% Secondary Awakening EXP.
: The monster can earn the Secondary Awakening EXP by clearing the Secondary Awakening Dungeon of each dimension.
The Secondary Awakening Dungeons of each dimension are as follows:

- Secondary Awakened Skills of [Inugami, Warbear, Fairy and Pixie] Monsters

> New [Ancient Runes, Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Enchanted Gems]
- Ancient Runes/ Ancient Grindstones/ Ancient Enchanted Gems can be acquired as dimension dungeon clear rewards.
* Ancient Runes can also be Crafted.

Ancient Rune - It has higher minimum and maximum initial sub-property value than other runes.
Ancient Grindstone - It can only be used on Ancient Runes. The maximum of amplifying value is higher than other Grindstones.
Ancient Enchanted Gem - It can only be used on Ancient Runes. The maximum of changing value is higher than other Enchanted Gems.

> [Craft Building] Ancient Runes and Ancient Reappraisal Stones are added. (Craft > Special)

> Rune Inventory Improvement
- The maximum no. of slots for Enchanted Gems/Grindstones has been increased to 600. (Previously 500)

> [Ancient Magic Shop] Renewal (Shop > Special)
- The Ancient Crystal Shop will show first when you enter the Ancient Magic Shop.
- The no. of refresh chances and reset time of the [Legend 6★ Rune and Legend Grindstone/Gem] have been changed as follows:

> Dark Vampire Lord Improvement
- (Dark) Vampire Lord has been added to the [Monster Collection].
- Fixed an issue of the unnatural effect location that was created after equipping certain transmogrification items.
- Fixed some graphic issues of unawaken (Dark) Vampire Lord.

> Game Error Fix
- [Tartarus' Labyrinth] (All) Unicorn - Fixed an issue of the monster getting a turn abnormally in a battle against Tartarus.