Summoners War - Guide & Tutorial - Spending Crystals

Here's some informations how I'm Spending Crystals!

It's a good choose to buy as soon as possible the 3 Buildings that require Crytals (Crystal Lake 400x Crystals [EXP +150XP / 1 hour, Number of Monsters to place 4], Gusty Cliffs 500x Crystals [EXP +150XP / 1 hour, Number of Monsters to place 5] and Crystal Titan Ent 300x Crystals [Crystal Collect +1 / 8 hour, Max. Storage 3])

Then spending Crystal depend on what you wanna do:

You wanna play the game but you don't want to wait for generate new Energy, you can refill to maximum your Energy by using your Crystals at the Shop - Cash Shop and purchase the Recharge Energy to MAX - 30 Crystals! This is by far the BEST way to Spend your Crystal, because it offer to continue playing the game to earn more reward and if we only fight in Gaint's Keep/Dragon's Lair/Necropolis B10, the reward obtained there are the best for Energy!

Example - Recharge Energy VS Premium Pack: For the same amount of Crystals we can purchase 25 times the Recharge Energy! For a total of 2,250 Energy! (25 Recharge Energy x 90 Energy [at level 50 with Sanctum of Energy Lvl 10] = 2,250 Energy) So with 2,250 Energy we can Battle the Giant/Dragon/Lich B10 281 times! (2250 Energy / 8 Energy [Dungeon Cost] = 281.25 Battle Run) From my experience, with 100 Runs of Farming, I have an average of 80 Runs before getting 1 Mystical Scroll, so I can get ~3 to 4 Mystical Scroll after 281 Runs. Also, I have an average of 800,000 Mana Stones after 100 Runs, so I can get ~2,000,000 to 2,500,000 Mana Stones! Finally, I have an average of ~4 to 5 2* Rainbowmon and ~1 to 2 3* Rainbowmon after 100 Runs, so I can get ~12 to 15 2* Rainbowmon and 3 to 6 3* Rainbowmon!

You wanna try to Summon more Monsters in hope to find a good 4 Stars or 5 Stars or to Evolve 3* Monsters, you should use your Crystals at the Shop - Special and purchase the Premium Pack for 750 Crystals to receive Mystical Scroll x11, Mana Stone +100000 and Angelmon for each attribute 1!

Comparaison: Again inside the Shop - Special the Summoner Pack for 225 Crystals only offer Mystical Scroll x3, it's like paying 75 Crystals per Mystical Scroll, the same value with the Building Summonhenge with the Crystal Summon Type of 75 Crytals! So the Premium Pack have a value of 68.1818 Crystals per Mystical Scroll (Save 6.8181 Crystals)!

Mana Stone
You wanna either raise some Runes or Summon/Evolve Monsters but you don't have enough Mana Stone left, you can use your Crystals at the Shop - Cash Shop and purchase the Box of Mana +1,400,000 Mana Stones & +700,000 Mana Stones Bonus - 1,000 Crystals!