Summoners War - Guide & Tutorial - Spending Glory Points

Here's some informations how I'm Spending Glory Points!

There's many Items and Buildings we can purchase by using our Glory Points, but some of them have better benefic then other!

First of ALL! Always purchase the Devilmon at 180 Glory Points each week!!! It's very hard to collect Devilmon when we start the game!

If you like the game and think to play it for a long time, it's a good choose to start spend Glory Points on Building that give advantage when you are online/offline.

I have start spending my Glory Points on the Sanctum of Energy [Energy Max. Storage (Up to 10)], it give +1 Maximum Energy! It's mean more Energy when you start playing the game after sleep or long time no play!

Then, I spend Glory Points on the Mysterious Plant [Energy Production Speed (Up to +30%)], it lower the time for Energy to be generate! It's mean quicker Energy back to play into more stuff!

After, I spend on the Fairy Tree [Mana Stone Max. Storage (Up to +2000)], it raise the maximum amount of Mana Stone generated inside the 3 Mana Stone Buildings! It's mean 2,000 more Mana Stone after sleeping or long time break!

And then, it's now a tricky choose, there's many Buildings that give benefic to our Monsters. ATK+, DEF+, HP+, SPD+, CRI Dmg+ and 5 different Elemental ATK+.
For me, I start with the Speed Bonus, I raise it to Level 10, and then I move on ATK+, DEF+, HP+ and CRI Dmg+ 1 by 1 each raising at same Level!
And then, when All my ATK+, DEF+, HP+ and CRI Dmg+ will be at Level 10, I will do each 5 different Elemental ATK+ (Water, Fire, Wind, Light & Dark)
Then, I think I will use on the Mana Fountain for Mana Stone Production Speed and then on the 2 Buildings for Arcane Towers, Crystal Rock ATK+ and Arcane Booster Tower SPD+.

The Unknown Scroll, Mystical Scroll, Water Scroll, Fire Scroll or Wind Scroll and the Random Angelmon can be a good addition, but I think we should focus more on Buidling that benefits Monsters then those Items! BUT the Devilmon ALWAYS!