Summoners War - Rune - Ancient Reappraisal Stone

Ancient Reappraisal Stone is a Special Rune type item that are used for Ancient Rune Reappraisal. Ancient Rune Reappraisal allow to transform all the 4 Sub-Stats for something else randomly! However, it require that the Rune need to be Power-Up to at least +12! They can be obtain by Crafting in the Craft Building at the Special Tab. It require Ancient Stones.


In order to craft a Reappraisal Stone it require several currencies:

30xAncient Magic Stone 10xAncient Magic Origin 75,000xMana Stones

Note: Can only Craft 2 Ancient Reappraisal Stone per Week!

Craft Ancient Reappraisal Stone

To Craft an Ancient Reappraisal Stone, go to the Main Screen > Tap on the Building: Craft Building and Tap on Craft > inside the Craft Building Tap on the Special Tab > Tap on the Ancient Reappraisal Stone!

Using Ancient Reappraisal Stone

To use an Ancient Reappraisal Stone on an Ancient Rune, it require that the Rune need to be Power-Up at least +12! Since update 3.8.4 we can see the Default Grade of Rune!

The Reappraisal Button is located in: go in the Main Screen > Tap on Monsters > Select one of your Monster > Tap on Rune > Tap on 1 of your Monster Rune Equipped or Select a Rune Set and Tap on a Rune > Tap on Power-Up > Tap on Reappraisal! Now we are in the Ancient Rune Reappraisal Stone page!

In order to Ancient Reappraisal a Rune it require:
1xAncient Reappraisal Stone 10,000xMana Stones

When we are Ready to try an Ancient Reappraisal on our Ancient Rune, Tap on Reappraisal! Com2uS will randomly re-assign the 4 Sub-Stats of the Rune! However, it's not final! We have the chance to Accept or Refuse the Ancient Reappraisal changes of Sub-Stats!

Note: All Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Enchanted Gems effects will be gone after using an Ancient Reappraisal Stone on a Rune (if you choose to stick with the new rolls)!