Summoners War - Game - Buff

In Summoners War during Battle some Monsters have the ability, because of their Skills, to Buff them self or their Team! It exist 17 different Buff! Buff give addition bonus effect on Monsters who possess them. Buff is normally represented by a Blue Background Icon on the Monsters. Buff stay on the Monsters for a particular number of Turns! They can be removed by other Enemies with certain Skills! Buff can be very important for the Team during Battle!


Increase ATK
The target's Attack Power will be increased by 50%.
Increase ATK SPD
The target's Attack Speed will be increased by 30%.
Increase DEF
The target's Defense will be increased by 70%.
The target will gain immunity against all harmful effects.
Reflect DMG
The target will return 30% of the incoming damage to the attacker when attacked.
Increase CRI Rate
The target's Critical Rate will be increased by 30%.
The target's HP will be recovered by 15% on each turn.
The Shield will absorb a fixed amount of damage.
When attacked, the target will counterattack to inflict 75% of the Attack Power as damage.
The target will be invincible.
Increased CRI Resist
Decreases the chances of being attacked with a Critical Hit by 50%.
The target's HP will not drop below 1 even when attacked.
The caster of this skill will take 50% of the damage instead of the attacked ally and the attacked ally will receive 0 damage.
Rune Shield
A Rune Shield will be created on all allies, absorbing damage equivalent to 15% of the HP of the Monster equipped with a set of 2 Shield Runes. (The Rune Shield will absorb more damage when more then 1 set is equipped.)
Protect Soul
The target will revive with 30% HP when defeated.
The enemy can only attack the target under the Threat state when using the attack skill. The target under the Threat state will be inflicted with 15% less damage when attacked.
Recovers HP by 20% of the inflicted damage.